Sole traders and contractors

Sole traders / contractors vary from the very small operation, providing a living for one person, to the kind of business that is being nurtured from a small one-man band operation into one that is offering employment to many. The very backbone of our economy. We can help all along the way. Call us.

Becoming a sole trader is the most common form of start-up business in the UK.  It has become the very backbone of the UK economy with far more people than ever treading this path due to the insecurity within the labour market.

Start-ups are most vulnerable within the first few years as cash gets tight and causes the business to struggle to make it's way through the financial nightmare of lack of operating funds.

We can help you through that by providing the information needed, at the right time.  It is vital that any business owner not only knows what cash they have today but also what commitments they have for tomorrow and what is owed to them.

Experience has shown us that many small businesses that do not have control over who owes them money.  Non-payment comes straight off the bottom line and means that you have provided your goods and services for nothing.  Someone else benefits, not you.

Do not allow yourself to become one of the thousands of businesses that fail within the first few years due to lack of funds.  Talk to us and talk to us now.


Self-employed accounts and tax return from £350.